Randy Cole Sims, Sr. is the oldest of three boys born to Clyde & Betty Sims in Saginaw, Michigan. He was baptized into Christ in 1976, by Bro. Robert L. Wiggins, then Minister to the S. 17th St. Church of Christ.

He began preaching in 1982. Graduating from Midwestern Christian Institute in Mount Clemens Michigan and receiving the Associate of Religious Education degree in June 1998 and the Bachelor of Christian Education in June 2007. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Midwestern Christian Institute. On June 7, 2008 he was presented with the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from M.W.C.I.

He is married to Debbie Renee Sims and they have five children and eleven grandchildren. 

Randy has served as Minister to the Baldwin Church of Christ in Baldwin, Michigan, the South Seventeenth Street Church of Christ in Saginaw, Michigan, the East Chestnut Church of Christ in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and currently serves as the Senior Minister to the Fiske Blvd. Church of Christ in Rockledge, FL. 

He has also served as a Police Chaplain for the Fort Wayne Police Department.

When all is said and done, Randy Cole Sims, Sr.'s desire is that he be remembered simply as “The Master’s Servant!”